An award winning interior design firm focused on the integration of art, objects, graphics and technology.

Mason Studio's portfolio of hotels, restaurants, retail stores, multi-unit residences, exhibitions and conceptual installations can be found on almost every continent. The keys to comprehending a global context is through an innately sensitive attitude to cultural perspective, dedicated research on human interaction with environments, and a network of professionals with specialized talents.

The minds of creative professionals are merged with the traditional skills of interior design to expose multidisciplinary solutions. Through collaboration, unconventional solutions arise to bring awareness and a renewed perspective of everyday spaces.

There is no aversion to tradition and no fear of change; the motivation behind Mason Studio is established on a truthful response to needs and an understanding for the significance of interior design in comprehensive and effective environments with commercial purpose.


+ 028-83399770

High tech District, Chengdu City, Sheng an Street triumph city building B block 721#

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