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    Chengdu, China

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A relationship was formed between Mason Studio and Tung, the Toronto-based graphic design studio, after paths were crossed on numerous occasions. Emily Tu and Edmond Ng founded Tung as a response to create 'honest, intelligent and beautifully crafted work.' Their alignment of values to Mason Studio was clearly evident after a discussion on their methodology and approach.

Tung was brought to the challenge to overhaul Mason's website to reflect development since the Studio's conception; a site to exhibit a new and expanding portfolio of work, to share relationships close to the Studio's projects, and to share core messages critical to the Mason's process. The digital manifestation of Mason Studio is Tung's acute and sensitive response to intangible values, attitudes and beliefs.

Mason Studio is honoured to have the opportunity to collaborate and have them share their talents. To learn more about Tung, visit their website madebytung.com or message them at hello@madebytung.com

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